• What we do

We hold assets on behalf of corporates and individuals, with the aim of protecting, preserving and managing them in accordance with our clients’ wishes, as set out in a trust deed. 

Our synergies

We understand that despite our in-house expertise, in order to deliver premium, tailored solutions for our clients, it is essential to work with external parties from time to time. Therefore, we partner with businesses within the Coronation Merchant Bank Group, as well as other financial institutions, to develop synergies.
We also possess a wide business network that covers the major cities of Nigeria, making us more accessible to our clients.

Our services

We provide a variety of services in private corporate and public trust.

Estate planning services

Estate planning is the process of arranging the transfer of an individual’s estate upon his/her demise while minimising gift, probate and income taxes. Such assets may include life insurance, pension schemes, real estate and personal belongings.
Our estate planning services help our clients consolidate their assets and be better positioned to seamlessly pass on their wealth to their loved ones. 
Our estate planning products include:

  • Wills – a first and basic step to ensuring that your wishes in relation to the distribution of assets are recorded and passed on to your loved ones
  • Living Trusts – offer a structure in which you can consolidate your assets into a trust during your lifetime and retain control of your assets, while ensuring the seamless transfer of assets to your loved ones who are listed as beneficiaries to your trust
  • Family Trusts – succession planning for family structures to ensure that wealth transcends several generations and branches within the family
  • Education Trusts – set up specifically for the use of funding the education of stated beneficiaries
  • Philanthropy – set up for the sole purpose of charitable giving, where beneficiaries are typically educational/health focused foundations and individuals.  This solution helps clients effectively leave a lasting legacy.

Corporate trust services

Our corporate trust services are tailored to institutional clients. Our role is to hold assets and protect the interest of transacting parties.

These services are typically related to:

  • Corporate bond issuances
  • Consortium/syndicated lending
  • Debentures
  • Collective investment schemes (including REITs)
  • Employee benefit schemes
  • Agency services

Public trust services

Our public trust services cover transactions that are structured by government agencies or agencies with public interest, such as NGOs. The assets involved are typically public funds or assets that are being put to use in the interest of the general public. As trustees, we hold the assets and protect the interest of the investors..
Our services include:

  • Government bond issuances
  • Other bespoke transactions, such as Private Public Partnerships or government asset sales/leases

Benefits of setting up a trust

The benefits of setting up a trust include:
  • Provision for and protection of beneficiaries
  • Protection of Trust Assets
  • Professional management of Trust Assets
  • Effective in the lifetime of the Settlor, upon execution of a trust deed
  • Preservation of family wealth
  • Not having to go through probate, thereby eliminating associated costs and delays
  • Ensures complete privacy and confidentiality
  • Continuity of management
  • Trust can be funded at settlor’s pace
  • Difficult to challenge, as the trust takes effect during the settlor’s lifetime and continues upon demise
  • Assets can be protected from creditors under an Irrevocable Trust

Our duties as trustees

Our primary duty as trustees is to protect the interests of investors and beneficiaries. It is our fiduciary duty to ensure that we abide by the provisions of the trust deed, act in the best interest of parties, and uphold our duty of loyalty and accountability.

Our pricing

Our trustee fees are competitive, industry-driven and payable in advance either annually or semi-annually.
To determine the appropriate total fee amount, we take into account:
  • The specific details of the transaction
  • Factors required for the business execution, which may include the appointment of external parties, such as solicitors or auditors
  • Payment of statutory fees and other similar expenses.